DVD Working with Alpha-Theta

Working with Alpha-Theta
Conversations with Experienced Alpha-Theta Clinicians, Caroline Grierson and Evelyn Shapero

Adding Alpha-Theta to an established Neurofeedback training protocol is an effective and powerful way to help your clients address early childhood traumas, maladaptive behaviors, poor attachment, learned fears, phobias and habits. This eyes-closed, deep-state training allows clients to process and resolve deep psychological issues without traumatic re-experiencing.

In this DVD, you will hear from two experienced Neurofeedback clinicians who regularly incorporate Alpha-Theta as part of their training protocols.

They discuss:

    • Introducing Alpha-Theta to your clients
    • How to provide a therapeutic and safe Alpha-Theta environment
    • Describing to your clients what to expect in an Alpha-Theta session
    • Gauging whether or not your client is ready for Alpha-Theta
    • Using guided imagery and relaxation for induction to a deep-state
    • Helping your client transition out of an Alpha-Theta session
    • Processing the Alpha-Theta experience with your clients

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